Sweet cherry


The artist is Moiseenko

The canvas written in the late 1960s became a kind of philosophical essay about good and evil in war. This picture, one of the most famous in the fine art of Russia, was preceded by many works of the artist ("The first equestrian",1957; "The Reds came", 1961; "A son", 1969 and others.). E. E. Moiseenko talked about this picture as follows: "I remembered my guys, childhood friends who died in this (civil) war… (I portrayed them during) a short pause. They seemed to have renounced the cruel everyday life of the war and dream of a peaceful future. These moments are beautiful…". Peculiar "tuning fork" This scene became the color and taste of cherries – a poetic symbol of life for the artist, its heyday, fullness. The artist placed the main characters on the top of the hill and divided the composition into separate scenes so skillfully that there is absolutely no transition from an external description to lyrical thought. The hills depict young people sitting around, united by unified thoughts, a single fate, they trust each other and understand each other without words. These are dreamers with a pure soul and a great idea. In the compressed space of the distant plan, the peaceful life of cities and villages is guessed, as if illustrating the times of dreamy thoughts of fighters. "Silence. Pause. Maybe at noon there, behind the hill, they will form in this affectionate grass, but in our memory they will remain alive, romantic and trembling .. ".

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