Portrait of Lieutenant General Count Pavel Andreevich Shuvalov


The artist is a preschool educational institution

Shuvalov Pavel Andreevich (1776-1823)-Count, Adjutant General, Lieutenant General. In 1786 he entered the Life Guards Horse Regiment. For the assault on Prague and the suburbs of Warsaw, he was awarded the Order of St. George 4th degree. Member of the Italian and Swiss campaigns of Suvorov, campaign 1806-1807. Major General (1801), Adjutant General (1808), Lieutenant General (1809). In 1812 he commanded the 2nd Infantry Corps, and he left the army due to illness. In campaigns 1813-1814 he was in the retinue of Alexander I, took part in all the main battles. For the battle of Leipzig, he was awarded the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky. In 1814 he accompanied Napoleon on o. Elbu as a commissar of the Russian government. Subsequently consisted under Emperor Alexander I and carried out his diplomatic instructions.

Repetition of a signature portrait located in the military gallery of the Winter Palace (GE). Perhaps the portrait was made in the workshop of DOW. Dated to the time between the execution of the portrait located in the military gallery of the Winter Palace (no later than 1825), and the departure of the DOW from Russia.

It is depicted in the general social uniform with the orders: SV. Alexander Nevsky (star), St. Vladimir 2nd degree (star and cross around the neck), St. Anna 1st degree (star), St. George 4th degree (cross), sign of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Maltese cross); with silver and bronze medals "In memory of the Patriotic War of 1812"; with the sign of the orders of the red eagle of the 1st degree (Prussian), military merits (W├╝rttemberg), St. Louis (French), Maximilian Joseph (Bavarian) and the Commander Cross of the Order of Leopold (Austrian).

1812 in works of art from the collection of the Russian Museum. SPb, 2012. With. 75.

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