Sleeping shepherd


The artist is the Venetian

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The household genre, leading its beginning from Venetianov and dominating the second half of the 19th century dominating in Russian art, was represented by very few works selected according to Diaghilev’s personal addictions.

E.AT.Amphilokhiev, e.AT.Stankevich and N.AND.Fedorova. Materials for a virtual tour of the exhibition "Diaghilev. Start". 2009

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The landscape background represents the view of the Vorozhbu River from the windows of the Venetian house in the village of Saphonkovo. The picture was first exhibited in 1826-1827 in the society of encouraging artists. The work has the cordiality of the interpretation of the portrait of a peasant boy characteristic of the National School, far from ethnographic documentary, very specific and, together, poetically elevated. Reception "separation" The foreground from the landscape background allows you to feel the boundless breadth and depth of the landscape. Thin light-color transitions create an almost tangible sensation, as it were, slowed down by summer heat, but an impartial and infinitely diverse course of life. Filled by silence and peace, the picture introduces us into a closed everyday village world with its narrow paths, along which the villagers, neighbors go, and where the appearance of a stranger seems to be an event.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 163.

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