Portrait of Countess Sh. To. von Liven


The artist is a preschool educational institution

Liven Charlotte Karlovna von (nearean. von Nosse; 1743–1828)-Countess, wife of Major General Baron Andrei Romanovich (Otto Henry) von Liven (1726–1781). From 1783 to 1828 she was in the court state. The teacher of the daughters of Paul I, took part in the upbringing of his younger sons – Nikolai and Mikhail. Stats-Dama (1794), Countess (1799), Serene Princess (December 1825). Cavalier lady of the Order of St. Catherine 1st degree (1797).

On the chest, on a blue tape tied with a bow, there is a medallion with a portrait of the empress Maria Fedorovna (widow of Pavel I) and Elizabeth Alekseevna (spouses of Alexander I). Repetition of 1822 (location is unknown) was in Sobr. The brightest prince a. N. von Liven in Mitava. Copyright (?) repetition – GE (No. 9910); Earlier – in Sobr. GMZ "Gatchina".

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