The artist is Bakst

For the first time, the audience saw „Dinner "or „Lady in a restaurant “, as Bakst himself called the picture, at the fifth exhibition „World of art "in 1903. Probably, Anna Karlovna Benois, a charming and flirty spouse, inspired the creation of this work of the artist. N. Benois. At one of the evenings in a friendly circle, Bakst made a sketch of her extravagant toilet, later used by him when creating a captivating and mysterious image of a restaurant stranger.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 254.

Anna Karlovna Benois (1869–1952) – daughter of the musician and capter -capper Karl Ivanovich Kind, spouse. N. Benois. “Benois was our common center, and his wife, Anna Karlovna, a woman of an extremely cute and cheerful nature, which everyone loved very much helped, helped his house. Everywhere Benois moved (for St. Petersburg time they changed three apartments), the same warm patriarchate was created ”(m.AT.Dobuzhinsky)

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