The artist is Serebryakova

Serebryakova as an artist from a young age formed among „World of art ". Her best works, capturing the appearance of the Kursk peasant women, belong to neoclassicism of the 1910s. The artist interprets the bathing scene in a rural bath as a solemn ceremony performed by a deep hidden meaning. The slightly slow motion of women is full of great grace, the beauty and dignity of their faces are full. The artist was not accidentally addressed to the motive of a naked body. This motive was one of the antiquity and Renaissance leading in art. He discovered the path to the chanting of the beauty of man. The work on the picture was based on the study of nature. The artist was posed by the peasant women from the village of Neskuchny Kursk province, where she spent almost every summer. The classic was searched for proportions, strict plastic forms, a calm harmonious composition. This made it possible to identify in the guise of modeling, far from perfection, the features of the ideal and maintain a sense of vital immediacy of the depicted scene. Marked with deep spiritual fullness, monumentality of the system, restrained by the coloristic gamut of golden-brown tones, the canvas is perceived as a fragment of a certain cycle of paintings on the topics of the existence of mankind.

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