Winter landscape (Russian winter)


The artist is Krylov

The first winter landscape in Russian art.

The landscape was written from nature in the village of Nikolsky near Tosolo near St. Petersburg on their own initiative of the author and with the help of patrons who arranged its maintenance and built a hut place chosen by the artist so that he had the opportunity to work in winter.

Krylov was the first of the domestic artists who portrayed the Russian winter "with her cold beauty". This is the only preserved landscape of the master. In the place indicated by the artist, the merchants of Chernyatinsky (Chernyagins) built a warm workshop for him and provided him with everything necessary for the time of work on the picture. Subsequently, the Chernyatinsky received gratitude from the society to encourage artists for assistance "The successes of future talents".

The picture attracts a combination of interest in domestic details and landscape, the integrity of the perception of nature. Fidelity of nature, a popular understanding of beauty as the brightness of color and light give a special national flavor to work, which has provided the work with unchanging success at all exhibitions, from the time of its creation to the present day.

For this picture and portraits from nature, presented by the artist at the exhibition in the IAX, the artist was awarded the gold medal of the second dignity from the means of OPX.

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