Molestation and parade on the occasion of the end of hostilities in the Kingdom of Poland on October 6, 1831 on Tsaritsyn Luga in St. Petersburg


The artist is Chernetsov

The initial sketch (from the barracks of the Life Guards of the Pavlovsky Regiment) of the same picture of 1837., in the timing. At the exhibition in Ah in 1833, the watercolor version of the picture was exhibited.

The picture is not a sketch or version of composition 1837, but an independent work performed by the artist by his own initiative. Apparently, it was this picture that served as the basis for ordering Chernetsov, "awarded the special attention of the emperor," to write a picture "…In that measure, the famous picture of Krueger Parade in Berlin is written with portraits of the participants in the event.

The panorama of Tsaritsyn Luga is depicted, on the left – the official buildings of the marble palace, then the area with the monument a.AT. Suvorov (sculptor m. And Kozlovsky, transferred to the square near the Neva to. Rossi in 1818), house n.And. Saltykova (Arkh J. Kvarengi, 1780s), house and.And. Betsky (1780s), Mikhailovsky Castle (1797–1801, Arch. AT. Brenna), Moika River and a tea pavilion in the Mikhailovsky Garden (1820s, Arch. To. Russia). In the center of the meadow, the camping church is deployed, in the foreground there are crowds of spectators, on the middle – the square of the infantry, on the back – the guard regiments of the cavalry.

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