The nurse with the child


The artist is unknown

Dates from the costume of the depicted. The composition of the picture resembles the image "The Mother of God with the baby". The state of penetrating prayer is emphasized by the window of Prosphor, which was just brought from the church. The picture entered the timing of the Peterhof Palace. On its circulation there is an old number 6644, under which Venetianov’s work “The nurse on the arms with a sleeping child” (Orig, f was in the inventory of the Hermitage Collection. 1, op. VI-6, 1859). Judging by the documents, in 1859 it was in the 16th hall of the Great Peterhof Palace. The inventory has an oval format of the picture, however, most likely, that the oval cut of the frame was oval. In the process of museum study, authorship a. G. Venetianov was not confirmed. Perhaps this work was written by one of his many students. It is very likely that it was created by Fedor Mikhailovich Slavyansky (1819 (7?) –1876). This version is all the more likely that until 1841 the former serf Fedor Slavyansky was called Venetianov (the teacher wanted to give him his last name, for which the consent of the IAh was not received). The artistic advantages of the picture are very high, but clarification of authorship requires further research. The tradition of hiring special nurse at birth has long existed in wealthy families and, above all, in the noble environment. Since the end of the XVIII century, Russian nurse have worn a traditional sundress and kokoshnik, which, unlike everyday dresses, were sewn from expensive materials. Sometimes a folk costume was supplemented by elements from a noble wardrobe, in this case a shawl, which came into fashion at the beginning of the 19th century and for several decades remained a prestigious and extremely comfortable element of women’s clothing.

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