Workshop of artists of the Chernetsov brothers


The artist is Tyranov

The workshop of the Chernetsov brothers was on Vasilyevsky Island in St. Petersburg.

Depicted: Grigory Grigoryevich Chernetsov (1802–1865), playing the guitar, and Nikanor Grigoryevich Chernetsov (1805–1879), sitting on the couch. In the mirror hanging on the wall, a portrait of the author is reflected – a. AT. Tyranova. The sketch is in a private meeting (Moscow).

Chernetsov Grigory Grigoryevich (1802, g. Luh Kostroma lips. -1865, St. Petersburg)-painter, draftsman, lithograph. Landscape painter, portrait painter, author of historical paintings, wrote multi -figure compositions, interiors. The son of the icon painter. With. Chernetsova, older brother of artists n. G. and p. G. Chernetsovs. Initial skills received from his father and older brother e. G. Chernetsova. From 1819 in St. Petersburg. Visited the drawing classes of IAX. Engaged under the guidance with. F. Galaktionova, then a. G. Varneka, from 1824 – m. N. Vorobyeva. He worked in St. Petersburg and the surroundings, in 1824 – on the estate of Vsevolozhskoye in Ryabovo St. Petersburg lips., in 1825 – in Finland, in 1826 – in g. Lucha and in the Kostroma lips., in 1827 – in Revel. April 14, 1829 "the painter of His Majesty" In the staff of the office E. And. AT. In 1838 – together with his brother made a trip on a specially equipped barke along the Volga from Rybinsk to Astrakhan to compile the prospects of the Volga coast (State National Library). From 1840 to 1842 he was in Italy, in 1842–1843 he visited Egypt, Palestine, and other countries of the Middle East. In 1846–1848, the second trip of the artist to Italy took place. Since 1830 – participant in academic exhibitions. Since 1831 – Academician of IAX. The author of the famous picture "Parade on the Tsaritsyn meadow" (completed in 1837), where he presented portrait images of more than two hundred true and possible participants in events, including A. With. Pushkin, and. AND. Krylova, c. AND. Zhukovsky, d. AT. Davydov and many others.

Chernetsov Nikanor Grigoryevich (1805, g. Luh Kostroma lips. -1879, St. Petersburg). Painter, drawer, watercolist, lithograph. Landscape painter, author of urban species, interiors. The younger brother of. G. Chernetsova. Since 1823 – in St. Petersburg. In 1824 he was adopted under the patronage of the OPX, attended classes of IAX, studied with m. N. Vorobyeva. He graduated from the academic course in 1827 with the second gold medal. In 1826 he worked in the Kostroma lips, in 1827 – in Revel. From 1829 to 1831 he lived in the Caucasus, mainly in Georgia, then traveled along the Black Sea coast. In 1831–1832 he was at "Isaacievo Commission and the construction of the Alexander Column" At the position of the drawer, the architect o. Montferrana. From 1833 to 1836 he was in the service of the Novorossiysk Governor Count M. With. Vorontsova, lived in Odessa. Traveling along the shores of the Black Sea on a steamer "Peter the Great", performed many drawings and watercolors. In 1831 – appointed, in 1832 – academician of landscape painting.

Tyranov Alexey Vasilievich (1808, Bezhetsk Tver lips. – 1859, Kashin of the Tver lips.) – painter. Portraitist, author of genre scenes in the interior. Born in a bourgeois family, studied at a gymnasium in Tver. Working as an icon painter, attracted attention a. G. Venetianov, who lived and took lessons from 1824 to 1932. Later, with his assistance, he entered the IAH by an outsider. In 1827, at the expense of the OPX, under whose leadership the artist was from 1825, was awarded the second gold medal for "A promising type of inside of the Hermitage Library" (GE; for this picture, the artist received a diamond ring), a loading image of an old man and "Girls with a calf in small form from nature", And in 1830 – the first gold medal for the picture "Inner view of the Church of the Winter Palace" (GE). In 1832 "According to Venetianov’s report" received the title of non -balance (free) artist with the right to teach drawing in gymnasiums and district schools. Since autumn 1836 he visited classes to. P. Bryullov. In the same year, he was recognized as appointed to academics for the picture "Girl with Tamburin". Since 1839 – Academician "by portrait painting". From 1839 to 1843 he was on a pension trip in Italy. In 1843 he returned to Petersburg, soon fell ill and in 1844 he was in a cure. From 1846 to 1849 he lived in Bezhetsk, where he fulfilled the image for the church of the landowner Linev and several portraits. In 1849 he returned to Petersburg. In mid -July 1859 he leaves for Kashin to his older brother, where he dies after 2 weeks.

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