Merchant for tea


The artist is Kustodiev

It is hard to imagine that the mentally and colorful generous, luminous art of Kustodiev retained its amazing qualities even at the time when the disease deprived him of the opportunity to move. As the researchers rightly noted, and above all the artist himself, he had a "wonderful country of memories". Dreams-visions came to them, maybe nostalgic, even for all the festivity of motives and characters. These were the plots and people of the already departed, but not having lost their tart aroma of life. “Kupchikha for tea” is a wonderful and characteristic example of such a figurative memory of juicy magnificent beauties, about the approaching azure evenings, about the monumentally solemn tea parties, about a leisurely and, it seems, inescapable life with its measured way. In the luxurious still life of a meal, sparkling the greatness of the samovar, in the signing colorful brightness of the sugar watermelon, the marble whiteness of the merchants of the merchants, in the picturesque beauty and expressiveness of each detail, sonorous multicolor dominates. (AND. D.).

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 166.

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