Black square


The artist is Malevich

At the “Last Futuristic Exhibition of Pictures” of 1915, called “0.10”, (since 10 of its participants decided to reduce all objective forms to “0” and step by “0” into indescribability), Malevich shows 39 abstract compositions presented under The name "new picturesque realism" is Suprematism, from the Latin "Supremus" – "the highest". Explaining the origin of the invented direction, the author led him out of cubism, which he writes in a specially composed brochure “From Cubism to Suprematism”. Later, almost all the painting, which preceded the art of the 20th century, was included in this stream, and Malevich believed that it was the art of geometric abstraction that the powerful world movement was crowned by this powerful world movement.

Malevich’s Suprematism in the collection of the Russian Museum is represented by classic patterns that give an idea of ​​its three stages: “Suprematism in its historical development had three steps of black, color and white,” the artist wrote in one of his theoretical works. The black stage, according to the author, also began with three forms – a square, a cross, a circle – three geometric elements of painting – its foundation and alphabet.

Malevich defined the Black Square as “zero forms”, the basic element of the world and being. He seemed to have absorbed all the forms and all the colors of the world, reducing them to the plastic formula, where the pole of black (complete absence of color and light) and white (simultaneous presence of all colors and light) dominates. The simple geometric form is emphasized, not linked either by associatively, nor plastic, nor ideologically in any way, an object, a concept that has already existed in the world before it, testified to the absolute freedom of its creator.

"Black Square" marked the pure act of creation implemented by the artist. It became a core, the center of the new system from which all other soup forms were displayed. “Black square is the embryo of all opportunities,” wrote Malevich. – He is the ancestor of a ball or cube, from several squares you can fold a rectangle or cross. The black square takes terrible power with its development, its collapse brings an amazing culture in painting. ".

Malevich uses the simplest geometric shapes. Taken in the absolute „cleanliness "as a kind of primary principle of the language of art, they are equivalent to picturesque „The formula “, which in the minds of the artist, as probably in the minds of a medieval alchemist, has a sacred meaning. It is no accident that the first option „Black Square “Malevich put up at the exhibition „0.10 ", like an icon, hanging according to Russian custom in the right, „red “corner.

Icon – a sign of a new time – so perceived contemporaries „Black square ", perhaps relying on Malevich’s own statements: „I have one naked, without a frame (like a pocket) of my time icon…". „The black square “during the life of the artist becomes a kind of symbol of Malevich’s art, or rather, telling about himself in a sandy language „creative religion ".

“Black Square”, “Black Circle”, “Black Cross” were written around 1923 and intended for the international exhibition in Venice. However, there they were never shown due to the intrigues of Russian organizers. This circumstance was extremely insulting Malevich. Although even then he began to realize that geometric Suprematism, called by him "picturesque realism," reached the limit of its development.

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