Christ and sinner (who is without sin?)


Artist – Polenov

Idea „To create Christ not only the coming, but already coming to the world and making his way among the people “appeared in Polenov in his youth under the influence of creativity a. AND. Ivanova. To recreate the historically reliable environment of the Polenov in 1881–1882, he traveled along Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Greece, and in the winter 1883–1884 lived in Rome. During these trips, he created many portraits, architectural and landscape sketches. Initially, the gospel phrase was made in the name of the picture: "Which of you is without sin", But at the insistence of censorship, the name was changed to "Christ and sinner". "It is not mine, and does not correspond to the gospel story", – wrote in one of the letters Polenov.

The picture was first shown at the XV exhibition of the Partnership of Mobile Art Exhibitions in 1887. A scene appeared before the eyes of the audience, the main meaning of which was, according to the artist, in bringing to people the idea of ​​good and forgiveness. "Which of you is without sin, the first throw a stone into it", – answered Christ with an angry crowd, led by scribes and Pharisees, leading a woman, exposed in adultery, to the question of what to do with her, subject to the law of Moses, beating stones. According to the gospel, people, "Condemned by conscience", Disractible.

The action takes place on the site in front of the majestic ancient temple. To the left of the steps of the temple – Christ with the disciples. The crowd takes the right side on the canvas. The drama of the plot is the confrontation of the crowd and Christ. The self -deepened Polenovsky Christ expresses the attitude of the painter, which is based on the desire for the beauty and harmony of the surrounding world. The picture, which did not correspond to the canons of either academic or religious painting, caused the ardent disputes of contemporaries.

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