Overseas guests


The artist is Roerich

Freshness, joy, festivity enchants the picture "Overseas guests". She transfers to the ancient world of strong bold Varangians who have introduced, according to Roerich, fanned by the beauty and romance, "New stream" In our story. Poetic system of paintings, its fabulous elegance stem from an unusual interpretation of the historical topic. The work uses some techniques of folk art: decorative and color intensity, laconicism of the pattern. The connection of the picture with folk art was also indicated in the catalog of the artist’s personal exhibition in 1903, where this work was named "Overseas guests. Folk picture". The work was created in Paris, in the workshop of Kormon, where Roerich continued his art education. The artist performed several repetitions of the picture.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 264.

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