Slavs on the Dnieper


The artist is Roerich

An important source of creative handwriting n. Roerich was archeology. Still very young n. Roerich participated in the excavations of the ancient settlements of the Slavs. Later the artist wrote: "In order for the historical picture to impress, it is necessary (to immerse) the viewer in the past era, (and for this) … The artist needs to study ancient life, penetrate it, soak through and through". Indeed, the images created by n. Roerich, lead us to the most gave the faceless past, deep into prehistoric being, to the origins of fate. "What era n. Roerich did not reproduce… His thought wants depth and support on the fiery spirit… centuries", – wrote with. Makovetsky.

The picture immerses the viewer in pagan times of the Slavs, during the collection of tribute to the princely squad. On the steep coast of the Dnieper are ready for sailing painted boats with bizarre carved jewelry. Heavy sails were raised, as if carved from wood. There is a businesslike measured loading of goods. Armed warriors lined up at the very edge of the water, landing in a special boat intended for the protection of ships. High above the river – a temple with wooden idols (a place of sweat and sacrifice in pre -Christian Rus’). Here, the Slavs ask for protection and help from their harsh gods, pray for relatives who go to a long and, sometimes dangerous, completely unexpected journey. In the distance, against the background of a narrow strip of heaven, the haze of unpretentious dwellings of the Southern Slavic tribe warm up.

The whole picture is imbued with the spirit of Slavic culture, the animistic and totemic ideas of ancient ancestors. The predominance in the picture of hoarse color illuminates the picture with images of fire and sun, so revered in Rus’. The composition of the picture uses individual principles of ancient Russian painting, allowing the artist with all sincerity to approve the ethical significance of the depicted plot.

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