The artist is Larionov

Fascinated by the most diverse manifestations of folk creative genius – from ancient cultures to children’s drawings and a fence kitsch – Mikhail Larionov at the same time protested against „Greco-Roman “Crazymarity in art and, creating its own „Venus ", entered into a kind of polemic with him. The word itself challenges the word „Venus ", with whom they are associated just „Greco-Roman "Associations.

Larionovskaya „Venus “lies in a classic position, Amur participates in the plot, and in this sense, the picture, of course, has a parody shade. But other associations referring to primitive images are associated with the canvas. In the same time „Venus “akin to a mischievous boyish exercise, however, an adult admiration for an object of image.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 301.

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