Portrait of Countess Praskovya Vasilievna Musina-Pushkina, birth. Princesses Dolgoruka (1754-1826), wives of Field Marshal Count in. P. Musina-Pushkin


The artist is Antonelli

Countess Praskovya Vasilievna Musina-Pushkina (nee Dolgorukova; 1754–1826)-since the beginning of the 1770s, the wife of General-Anthef, later Field Marshal Valentin Platonovich Musin-Pushkin (1735–1804). Immediately after Paul I to the throne, in November 1796 it was first granted in the state dames, and during the coronation of the emperor in April 1797, the Order of St. Catherine. Depicted with the Order of St. Catherine of the Small Cross and the sign of the State Dam-a miniature portrait of Empress Maria Fedorovna on a blue tape. Portrait Gallery of the Russian Museum. Persons of Russia. SPb. 2012. With. 105.

According to reviews, in his youth was very pretty and was distinguished by courtesy. In her light, they were afraid for the imperious and courageous character. Having only one son, Vasily, in order to increase his already huge fortune, she married him to her niece, the rich heiress of the last Countess Bruce Ekaterina Yakovlevna, and she began to join Paul I to join the surname and surname in Paul I "Bruce". He lived with his wife on the road. Was closely connected with literary and theatrical circles, well acquainted with a. With. Pushkin. He had three illegitimate daughters from the actress Nymphodora Semenovna Semenova (1788–1876), which contained many years.

After the death of her husband, Praskovya Vasilievna built in the Moscow Simon monastery, where he was buried, the temple in the name of the holy martyr Valentine, simultaneously sacrificing 20,000 rubles to the monastery.

A similar portrait of the work of an unknown artist was in the collection a. AT. Shakhovsky in with. White Kolpa, Moscow province. A similar portrait of the work of an unknown artist is in the Azerbaijan State Museum of Arts. R. M. Mustafaeva in Baku.

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