Portrait of Field Marshal Ivan Fedorovich Paskevich-Erivansky (1782–1826)


The artist is Marshalkevich

Paskevich Ivan Fedorovich (1782–1856)-Field Marshal, participant in the Patriotic War and foreign campaigns of 1812-1814, in 1827-1830 the commander of the Caucasian Corps and the chief control in Georgia during the Russian-Persian and Russian-Turkish wars. Received honorary names Count Erivansky (1828), the brightest Prince of Warsaw (1831). Since 1831 – governor of the kingdom of Poland. He led the suppression of the Polish uprising (1830–1831) and the Hungarian revolution (1848–1849). In the Crimean War-the commander in chief of the troops on the western borders and on the Danube (1853-1854).

During the Patriotic War of 1812, he commanded the 26th Infantry Division in Corps N. N. Raevsky, took part in the battles near Saltanovka, Smolensk, Vyazma, in the battle of Borodino. In 1813 he blocked the fortress Modlin, then as part of the army. L. Bennigsen fought at Dresden, near Leipzig, blocked Hamburg. In 1814 he was appointed commander of the 2nd Grenadier Division, participated in the battle of Arsis-Sur-Op and the capture of Paris.

It is depicted in the General General Uniform with Svitian epaulettes and an axelbant, with the Field Marshal rod and orders: St. Andrew the First -Called (tape and star), St. George 1st Stepa Nor (star), St. Vladimir 1st degree (star), a sign of the distinction of immunity service for 30 years, complained by the portrait of Nicholas I in diamonds, the Polish Order of Virtuti Militari, the medal "In memory of the Patriotic War of 1812" and others. 1812 in works of art from the collection of the Russian Museum. SPb, 2012. With. 84.

The Polish painter Stanislav Marshalkevich was a professional in miniature painting – his portraits are expressive and meticulous in the figure, clean and saturated in color, and they are individual. It is not surprising that the governor of the kingdom of Poland and.F.Paskevich addressed this particular artist.

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