Portrait of the prince f. F. Yusupova, Count Sumarokov-Elston


The artist is Serov

Sumarokov-Elston Felix Feliksovich (1856–1928)-Princess’s husband. N. Yusupova, the last representative of this princely kind. Brought up in a page corps. In 1904–1908 – commander of the Cavalier Guard regiment. In 1905 he was promoted to Major General and appointed to the son of the king. In 1914–1915 he served as the Governor-General of Moscow. Due to the lack of heirs on the male line by decision of the State Council in 1885, the title and surname of the father Zinaida Nikolaevna, Prince N. B. Yusupova, passed to her husband.

In the portrait of Serov, the image of the prince is everyday and prosaic. His boring-correct face, a heavy figure is unreasonable, but a noble Arabic horse, a gift from the Turkish Sultan, clearly delights the artist. Slender hot, nervously mowing an eye, he is truly magnificent. The landscape background of the portrait was the park in the Yusupov estate near Moscow – Arkhangelsk. The dark greens of the summer park contrasts beautifully with the snow -white horse and the Yusupov tunic, and the delicately interspersed red color of the prince’s cap and flowers in vases on the balustrade becomes a kind of tuning fork, restrained and at the same time decorative color scheme of the portrait. Workshop, noble painting – the main advantage of this canvas of Serov.

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