Self -portrait with a sister


The artist is Borisov -Musatov

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Summer day. In the shadow of the garden, at the elegant table, on which there are fresh roses, and in the marble of the countertops the sky with the clouds running along it, a young girl sits. This is the younger sister of the author of the picture, Viktor Borisov-Musatov Fourteen-year-old Elena. She has an old outfit, a dress in fashion for the forties of the nineteenth century. The girl occupies the central place in the picture. The artist depicts himself from the side, his figure, cut off by the edge of the canvas, as if he does not fit and goes beyond the picture. This technique gives the impression of a vital conviction, as if an accidentally seen scene, although the composition is strictly thought out and balanced. In its originality, it has no analogies in the genre of the Russian portrait.

The first plan items are written very financially, while the trees in the depths of the canvas are transmitted very generalized. They seem to have a certain closing wall that separates people in this quiet corner of the garden from the rest, alien to them, and the state of detachment in the faces of the heroes further enhances this impression of alienation.

This double portrait is an expression of the general concept of Borisov -Musatov’s work, which he determined himself: “When my life scares me, I go into art and it seems to me that I am on a uninhabited island and there is no reality”.

E.AT.Amphilokhiev, e.AT.Stankevich and N.AND.Fedorova. Materials for a virtual tour of the exhibition "Diaghilev. Start". 2009

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The artist’s works are usually devoid of pronounced plot development. The art of the master is elegant, imbued with sad thoughts and silence. It deprives the reality of specificity and implies the existence of a number of other worlds. AT „Self -portrait with her sister ", where the beloved sister is represented as the inhabitant of the old estate, deprived of stability, the composition is stopped in time as a fragment of the film. It seems another minute-and the figures slip past and disappear forever somewhere there, in the sky-high space.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 231.

Borisova-Musatova Elena Elpidiforovna (1883–1974)-sister of the artist in. E. Borisova-Musatova, his constant model.

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