Portrait of the artist


The artist is unknown

I entered the timing from the meeting in. E. Makovsky (1846–1920)-the famous artist-forward. Apparently, earlier belonged to his father, Yegor Ivanovich Makovsky (1800–1886)-a famous Moscow art lover, one of the founders of Mucos. E. And. Makovsky collected a significant collection of Russian painting and Western European engraving. According to the memoirs of the founder of the famous art gallery of the collector and. E. Tsvetkova: β€œHe had a large apartment, but very modestly furnished: most was even without furniture. All walls from above were hung with paintings ”(CIT. by: Zhuravleva. With. 10). The portrait belongs to the painting of the painter associated with the IAX, in any case, who owned the profession, who unconditionally experienced the influence of the Bryullovsky portrait school, but most likely belonged to the circle of free students. Very characteristic, recognizable facial features do not exclude the possibility, in the process of further research, identification of the character.

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