Portrait about. M. Nesterova (“Amazon”)


The artist is Nesterov

Amazon is one of the most outstanding works of Russian portrait painting of the early XX century. This work, at first glance, conquers its harmony, goes beyond the image of a particular person. In it, Nesterov managed to give a generalized image of a whole generation of young Russian women who lived with romantic dreams of the Silver Age. The girl’s elegant silhouette “in the style of modern”, beautifully frozen against the backdrop of a cold sunset, as if embodied the fragility of these bright, but naive replacements, soon buried under the ruins of the collapsed Russian life. The heroine of the Nesterovsky canvas to a certain extent is opposed to the form of a “woman-vamp”-sexual, dangerous and cold beauty, who was so often visiting the toleys of myriskuns. The artist, as it were, polemicizes with this stamp that filled his soreness, combining style with purely Russian sincere. Here, dear Nesterov, melancholic "Chekhov" intonations that sounded in his landscape work were very strong here. Pavel Klimov. Kitezh’s charm // Mikhail Nesterov. SPb, 2012. With. 21.

The portrait of the daughter of Olga (in the marriage of Schreter) was written by the artist in the homeland in Ufa, in the garden of his house with the setting sun.

A slender girl in a riding suit (Amazon) stands on the banks of the Belaya River, against the backdrop of a light landscape. The portrait of the daughter is the embodiment of the painter’s ideas about the ideal of a woman, about the inner spiritual beauty, related to a calm elegant evening landscape. "I love the Russian landscape, against its background is somehow better, you feel more clearly both the meaning of Russian life and the Russian soul", – wrote the artist. He did not consider himself as a portraitist, considering this a business and. E. Repin and c. AND. Serova, but nevertheless, in the pre -revolutionary years, created several significant works in this genre, and in the late period of creativity was revealed precisely as an unsurpassed master of the portrait.

Nesterova Olga Mikhailovna (in the marriage of Schreter) (1886–1973) – the eldest daughter of the artist.

The artist wrote his eldest daughter Olga Mikhailovna Nesterov repeatedly. The famous portrait in a suit for riding – Amazon – the best. The composition is based on a native sketch made under the Ufa on the Belaya River and finished later in Kyiv. A slender figure of a young woman is depicted against the background of Nesterov Green -Green Dali for Nesterov. A slightly tired face with mild sadness is in amazing harmony and interconnection with a state of nature – quiet pre -procurement clock. The picture is full of soft elegian thought. “I avoided portraying the so -called strong passions, preferring our quiet landscape to them, a person living inner life,” these words of Nesterov are true to the portrait of his daughter, reflecting his creative concept. They became the leitmotif of the canvas, in which the artist’s ideas about beauty and perfection, harmonious unity of nature and man embodied in the image of a loved one. According to his daughter’s memoirs, many believed that the portrait did not convey the character of the model, but Nesterov said that it was such that would like to see his daughter. It was the ideal that the artist strove for and the search for which underwent the work of many painters of that time at the heart of the work. (G. To.). Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 63.

Depicted Nesterova (in the marriage of Schreter) Olga Mikhailovna (1886–1973). Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 63.

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