Portrait of Empress Maria Fedorovna


The artist is a preschool educational institution

Maria Fedorovna (Sofia Maria Dorothea Augustus Louise von Württemberg; October 14, 1759, Stettin − October 24, 1828, St. Petersburg) − The second wife of the Grand Duke and Emperor Paul I, Empress (1796−1801), from 1801 − Dowager Empress. Mother of Emperors Alexander I and Nicholas I.

The 400th anniversary of the Romanov house. SPb, 2013. With. 111.

Grand Duchess Maria Fedorovna (1759, Stetin (Pomerania)-1828, St. Petersburg)-Princess Württemberg-Stutgart, before the transition to Orthodoxy-Sofia Dorothea of ​​Augustus Louise. The daughter of Friedrich Eugene, Duke of Württemberg-Monnellar and Fredericks of Dorothea Sofia (daughter of Marcrath Brandenburg-Swedish).

In 1776, it was combined with the Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich (since 1796 Emperor Paul I). Since 1796 Empress. Had outstanding artistic abilities. She was engaged in glyptation, bone carvings, sculpted from wax, also wrote oil. I took lessons from the famous medallier to.-AND. Leberecht. Completed portraits of her children, Paul I, Catherine II. Created a number of charitable and educational organizations (Mariinsky department).

Depicted with the Order of St. Andrew the First -Called (tape and star).

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