Dreams (on the mountain)


Artist – Polenov

From the series "From the life of Christ".
The artist considered the paintings of the Gospel series the main work of his life. Starting to work, he wrote: "A difficult task in front of me is an unbearable, but I am not able to refuse it, I am too covered by the greatness of this person and the beauty of the narrative about him". Polenov often addresses the book E. Renana "The life of Jesus". The image of Christ, created by the writer, was close to the artist and coincided with his understanding. With the archaeological accuracy of Polenov conveys the situation surrounding Christ, but does not seek to observe the canons of Christian iconography. The painter gives the surrounding landscape great importance. He radiates greatness and tranquility, giving "Boardly" The plot is a special meaning.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 193.

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