Evangelists. Tetraptic


The artist is Goncharova

More often other masters of domestic avant -garde Natalia Goncharova worked on religious topics. Deeply pious, she drew inspiration in the Holy Scriptures, in ancient icons and in church bays. She was especially attracted by the Old Believers Lubki with the commitment of their authors to the gloomy motives of the apocalypse. In the harsh forms of these works, the artist felt an exciting connection with „Principal" – with archaic early Christian icons and frescoes. The seal of these influences, creatively perceived by Goncharova, carries a four -part panel (tetraptich) „Evangelists", which already contemporaries of the artist was recognized as one of the most significant works of the artist. Goncharova‚Äôs gravity to expression and monumentality, characterizing all the stages of her work, has gained its most obvious embodiment in it. Huge figures highlighted on a dark background and as if constrained by the canvas are saturated with extraordinary inner force. Paradoxically, in 1914, in Petrograd, the compositions were removed from the exhibition as anti -religious.

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