The artist is Solomatkin

The life of a modern street and small urban Luda Solomatkin perceived him sharply, often grotesque. Not striving for a thorough transfer of nature, he sometimes coarse his heroes, drawing the attention of the audience to the ugly aspects of life. The artist reproduces a colorful scene from the life of Zamoskvorechye. City came to the merchant house "Praise Christ" hoping for the gratitude of the owners. Critic in. Stasov wrote about this picture: "In every details of the room, faces, poses there are so many comicism and diverse truth: one cannot with all my heart not rejoice for this wonderful fresh offspring of the Fedotov school". The artist repeatedly performed options for this picture. For the original version in 1864, Solomatkin received a silver medal of the first dignity. The picture repeatedly repeated and ranged by the artist.

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