Peasant family (holy family)


The artist is Filonov

„Peasant family (holy family)", Like „Shrovetide "(1913–1914), belongs to the cycle „Entering the world flowering ", the same creative declaration of Filonov. In the same years, the artist works on a poetic collection „The fermentation of the world was sprouted "(published in 1915). It is no accident that one of the drawings illustrating the book („Immigrants "), detects a similarity with a picturesque canvas.Filonov embodied in the picture his understanding of the gospel legend. Images embodied in „Holy family "dates back to common types. Filonov deliberately emphasizes the rude, earthly appearance of Joseph, simultaneously saturating him and features of the icon -painting face. Frankly everyday, and not exalted, as one could expect, the image of the baby of Christ is perceived – in a strange, uncomfortable position he „sits “in the arms of Mary, blonde beauty with big blue eyes. Filonov seeks to realize his ideas about the harmony of human being, of beauty, far from external beautifulness, about the wisdom of past generations, exalted a simple, everyday to a moral ideal, emphasizing the Russian, Slavic character of the images created by him.

The animal world and human for the artist are initially inextricable, people and animals exist in harmonious unity. In the picture „Holy family" Horse and dog, chicken and rooster equal members of the peasant family, they equal to people have a “human” look, and all the heroes of the picture empathize with each other.

„The peasant family “Filonov is remembered by multi -color, an extraordinary color of color in the picture. The painter palette makes the Venetians loved by him, but the artist has his own „Camlter “-he will notice in the finest shades of lilac-lilac.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 334.

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