Socrates in the Battle of Potida Protects Alcibiades


The artist is bass

The artist turned to the plot from the "comparative biographies" of Plutarch. In the history of Alcibiades, the nephew of the ruler of the ancient Thebes Perocel, Plutarch writes: “As a teenager, he – Alcibiades – took part in the expedition against Potidei, lived in the same tent with Socrates and stood next to him in battles. In one hot battle, they both distinguished themselves: Alcibiades was wounded, Socrates covered him, defended him and saved him in sight of all life and weapons ”. The work testifies to the professionalism and the impressive erudition of the author, somewhat overshadowing inspiration; So the figures of the wounded Alcibiades and the defeated warrior, as if mirroring each other, go back to the antique prototype – Roman sculpture "Dying Gall". For this picture, Basin in 1831 received the title of academician.

The battle of sweat took place in 430 BC. e. During the First Peloponnesian War. Alcibiades (451–404 BC. e.) – a student of Socrates, subsequently an outstanding Athenian statesman and commander.

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