Three joys


The artist is Roerich

The plot of the picture n. Roerich explained himself: "The waltut gussar takes the Village about three joys. The Holy Egorius High Horse Horse Paset, Nikolai the Wonderworker himself will save the herd, Ilya Prophet Rye heals". According to E. And. Roerich Nikolai Konstantinovich was convinced that each person was given the highest gift and special wisdom – to know the joy. But it is given only to real workers who work in good faith.

On the canvas shows the family of a settler surrounded by the most revered saints in Rus’. The image of St. Yegoria, the son of Sofia Wisdom, reigning in Rus’, is interesting. After 30 years of imprisonment, he comes into light for approval on Earth of Christianity. St. Nicholas – the intercessor from troubles and misfortunes (by the way, the icon of St. Nicholas always accompanied the artist in all his movements). Ilya Prophet – Illichened by God. He controls the rain, thunder, lightning, he also sends fertility to the ground. The central position in the picture is occupied by a tower, a certain center of Russian land, the outlines of which are repeated in the graphics of mountains, meadows, fields, creating a single life -affirming space. The whole picture is performed by a sense of joy and happiness from the gold of a sunny day, blue of the sky, the warmth of the earth.

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