Formula of spring


The artist is Filonov

Pavel Filonov is an outstanding master of Russian avant -garde, who became one of the founders of lawless art. For the picture "Formula of spring" The desire for a generalized plastic formula, semantic capacity and multi -plate symbol is characteristic. The body of the work should grow, as all living things grow in nature. The very concept of spring is connected, first of all, with the idea of ​​growth, movement, the awakening of nature.

The artist writes about the goal of work: "The most important thing in the picture and drawing is the mighty work of a person on a thing in which he reveals himself and his immortal soul". Ancient, confusing concept of a word "creation" I am replacing in a word "Medication". In practice, it means that the artist must give the work the maximum effort and stress. Their huge hosts p.Filonov writes with a thin brush, starting from one edge and gradually bringing to the opposite edge of the picture. Every touch to the canvas, each point for it is a unit of action. And always this unit acts both in shape and color simultaneously.

The works, called the “formula”, are directly related to the utopian program of Filonov “Entry into the world flowering” of mankind, the implementation of which new painting should help.

The painting “Formula of Spring and Acting Forces” is built by the artist how nature creates larger formations from atoms and molecules. The main principle of its analytical art – the body of the picture should grow, as all living things grow in nature. P.Filonov called his students: "Each atom stubbornly and accurately, stubbornly and accurately introduce the color into the studied atom, so that it eats like heat into the body or is organically connected with the shape as in nature of a flower fiber with a flower.

The state of renewal of the world is perfectly transmitted on a huge canvas. Pure color, breakthroughs of deep blue, continuous movement of microstructures, whimsical rhythm of large forms, the artist creates an acute sensation of the current forces of spring. On the surface of the canvas, it seems to vibrate, the mass of color spots (according to Filonov – units of action) moves, which are embodied in organic breathing matter. It is full of internal tension, subordinated to the power of a strictly developing rhythm and contains a certain magical effect. You can literally trace how the master’s hand moved in alliance with thought and imagination from the left edge of the canvas, without filling it, but filling it as a kind of living organism, satisfying its need for growth and development.

Oh spring! without end and without edge –

Without end and without edge a dream!

I recognize you, life! I accept!

And welcome the ringing of the shield!

Blok’s glee in tune with the picturesque metaphor of Filonov. The painting "Formula of Spring" is like a coloristic symphony expressing a great idea of ​​a revolution.

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