Frontron road


The artist – Pimenov

The picturesque palette of Pimenov, an artist of bright lyrical talent, was strikingly transformed during the Great Patriotic War, became restrained, dramatic, tense. The creation of the picture was born by the artist’s impressions of a business trip to the North-Western Front. Together with the “Autumn Station” canvas, this picture is one of the best war years in Soviet art.

For the happiness of the people. Catalog of the exhibition of the Russian Museum in Malaga. 2018. With. 116.

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During the Great Patriotic War, Pimenov took part in the work "Windows TASS". Painting "Front road" – one of the many works created a year before the end of the war. In it, the artist used the creative method that he was found in the mid-1930s and as evidenced by his picture "New Moscow" (1937). The artist builds the composition in such a way that the viewer suddenly enters the road and a wide panorama of the city plundered and destroyed as a result of the fascist invasion of the city opens. Together with the girl-driver and her companion, he feels the involvement of what is happening. Yuri Pimenov knows how to guess the soul of time with extraordinary vigilance, catch his powerful pulse and romantic principle.

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