Sea. Crimea


The artist is Kuindzhi

Arkhip Kuindzhi was highly characterized by a reverent attitude to nature, whose inner life he sought as deeply as possible and or rather comprehend. The work feels the uniqueness of the philosophical perception of the artist, his peculiar romantic understanding of nature. The southern coast of Crimea is one of the favorite corners of Kuindzhi. Here he was justified "Seriously and for a long time", Having acquired several land plots. He took his students to the openier here, here he wrote a lot himself. From here in 1910 he was taken to die in St. Petersburg. The work of the master of the Crimean period opens the viewer "The wizard of color", a painstaking researcher of pulsation of airspace, a master of subtle gradations of light horizons.

Carried away by the color variability illuminated by the bright sunlight of the sea element, Kuindzhi in some works takes color in full force. In the landscape „Sea. Crimea “(1890s) Pure blue sea, azure of the bright sky, including the yellowness of the coast with a lonely burdock, make up a sonorous chord, which brings the raised romantic principle into the image created by the artist. Irina Shuvalova. Kuindzhi in the Russian Museum // Arkhip Kuindzhi. SPb, 2010. With.eighteen.

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