Italian comedy


The artist is Benoit

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Benoit’s tendency to theatricality finds at this time a way out in a series of paintings on the topic "Italian Comedy".

In the picture of Alexander Benois “Italian Comedy” is a scene from the play “Immaculate Pauline”. In such comedies there were characters, each of which was a bearer of a certain personality trait. The content of the play was revealed through pantomime, dance, clowning. Here naivety was combined with exaggerated and expression plastic.

Before us is a funny climax of comedy. In the depths of the scene, a skinny clumsy old man in a rush of love passion falls to his knees in front of a lady in a corset and Crinoline. Beauty with a gesture of hands rejects an unlucky fan. The captain in a wide -brimmed hat and a black cloak emphasizes effectively grabs a sword from the scabbard. In the foreground, Pierrot is represented in an invariably white hoodie showing a cuckoo, and a lively, bright in a red-black Harlequin suit in a strange-sized pose. Benois was well managed to convey the booth character of the performance, an deliberately conditional game of actors. He builds a composition on a complex rhythm, changing angles, combining smooth lines with complex and tense. Unusual lighting makes it possible to feel the phantasmagoria of theatrical action. The theater attracted Benois as other Miriscosers with its multiplicity, where life seemed to be reflected in a series of mirrors opened in new unexpected aspects, sometimes sharp and mysterious. The theater made it possible to return the past that seemed to the artist so attractive.

E.AT.Amphilokhiev, e.AT.Stankevich and N.AND.Fedorova. Materials for a virtual tour of the exhibition "Diaghilev. Start". 2009

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AT "Italian comedy" Events take place during the time of Louis XIV. On the open stage in Versailles Park, actors play scenes from the play "Immodest polyeshin". The peculiar composition of the picture is full of dynamics and expression, silhouettes of figures are bizarre and expressive, their rhythm is complicated and whimsical. Condensed, rich color, lighting effects enhance the theatrical nature of the action. The master brilliantly managed to convey the spirit of the Italian Comedia dell’arte, its bright entertainment and buffoonery.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 257.

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