Bridge (landscape from four points of view)


The artist is Burliuk

Futurism was perceived by Burliok primarily – by his own recognition – as a new attitude, a new era that destroys the old familiar forms. To the exhibition "Jack of Diamonds" In 1912, he specially developed a reception of writing a landscape from four points of view, which found his expression in the program work of Burliuk "Bridge". With a shocking inscription on the back of the canvas in French: "The bottom of the picture" It was exhibited in 1912 at the exhibition "Jack of Diamonds" entitled: "Synthetic landscape: elements of the sky at the time of decomposition of planes, which are introduced into the image from four points of view". This was one of those quasi -scientific names that, according to Benedict Livshits, "Turning away from laughter", The Burlyuki brothers invented.

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