Ships. Evening sun


The artist is Bogaevsky

Konstantin Fedorovich Bogaevsky-creator of the original epic-romantic landscape. Born in Feodosia, the city of Aivazovsky, passionate and brilliant romance of the sea, the artist not only did not fall under his influence, but found his unique path. It was necessary to possess a special ability to see the world around him, so that, as a student of Kuindzhi, he would not imitate him. Konstantin Fedorovich Bogaevsky lyrics and romantic, turned out to be just the person who went his own way in landscape painting. In 1910–1920, a topic appeared in the artist’s work that Maximilian Voloshin formulated: "Bogaevsky first began to write the face of the earth. In his paintings, a dilapidated face of the Earth appears, like a tragic mask, frozen in a fit of bitter pathos". The artist developed the romantic theme of Lorren’s works – the theme of distant wanderings, the discovery of harmonious land, where the perfect person lives. This canvas is also devoted to this topic.

In November 1911, the artist reported: "Now I am very fond of ships and make sketches with a pencil for both paintings and for large drawings in mascara". Luxurious nature is illuminated by the radiant sun, which determines the optimistic sound of the canvas. This is one of the best works of the artist in which the romantic pathos of the transformation of the world breaks through, and the reality is exalted to the grand cosmic depth. "Ships" Some researchers call Bogaevsky "Memory of Claude Lorren".

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