North Territory


The artist is Vasnetsov

In work a. M. Vasnetsova manifested the non -romantic trend of Russian landscape painting of the turn of the XIX -XX centuries. The development of his talent was facilitated by the lessons of his brother – a famous artist in. M. Vasnetsova, as well as the atmosphere of creative searches, characteristic of the Mamomont mug, whose full-fledged participant in the early 1880s. There was this young man from the Vyatka village of Ryabovo, who did not receive a systematic professional education, fond of domestic antiquities. And. E. Repin and c. D. Polenov become his mentors.

The artist glorifying paintings about Moscow of the 17th century in the 1890s. preceded a group of large format canvases, epic interpreting the images of the Urals, Siberia and the north. One of them is the "Northern Territory". The picture was painted by the artist on the materials of trips to the Urals (1899). It completes the cycle of monumental-epic paintings dedicated to the Urals and Siberia (paintings also include the cycle: "Kama", "Taiga", "Lake"). In autobiography, the artist wrote: "The character of the Urals, where my brother Arkady lived, and his nature was very reminded of Vyatka Territory. The same coniferous forests, utility, only grandiose dimensions, and forests – Taiga bristles along the mountain ridges: instead of loners of fir trees – giant cedars. They reminded me of my sweet Ryabovo".

In this work A. M. Vasnetsov appears to be a mature master with his prevailing art system. A panorama of Siberian spaces with a full -flowing and majestic river, which goes beyond the horizon, unfolds in front of the viewer. The harsh evening sky is reflected in her calm waters. An endless forest landscape appears mysterious and mysterious. The artist used a tense color scheme that conveys the state of nature in anticipation of the night. Dark green, gray, blue and crimson tones "Northern Territory" create the mood of anxiety and power, fascinating the viewer.

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