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The artist is Kandinsky

This work belongs to the heyday of the creative talent of the master. In abstract compositions, Kandinsky sequentially realizes the concept he created „absolute painting ". Kandinsky declares complete freedom of plastic expression as the only possible way to convey mental experiences. According to the artist, the picture should be born as a revelation and convey what cannot be conveyed in words. Each element of the picturesque organism of the canvas Kandinsky likens the sound in a polyphonic symphony of colors and lines. The figurative structure of the canvases is emphasized and designed to the similarity of the emotional reaction and the fantasy of the viewer and the author. The compositions of Kandinsky are plotted, although the plot of each of them was the real inner world of the author. “Realism,” writes Kandinsky in his theoretical work „To the question of form, "-the great abstraction is opposed, which, apparently, is reduced to the desire to completely eliminate the subject and to translate the content in „intangible forms ". The abstract life of the minimum subject forms, thus recorded and perceived, striking the predominance of abstract units confidently expire the inner voice of the picture ”.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 320.

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