Flowers and fruits on the piano


The artist is a grabar

At the end of 1903, an important event for and. Grabar: He met a painter and entrepreneur n. AT. Meshcheryn, the son of the founder of the Danilov manufactory and was invited to the Dugino estate, which was south of Moscow, in a beautiful place on the Pakhra River. In these places and. Grabar spent more than ten years and wrote all his masterpieces of the 1900s. Here, in Dugino, the first still lifes were created to immediately recognize the master. To create one of the most famous still lifes "Flowers and fruits on the piano" The master took only four days. A still life, written in multi -color strokes, is permeated with light and air, it was successfully shown at exhibitions arranged by Diaghilev in St. Petersburg, Paris and Berlin, as well as at an international exhibition in Venice. The fragmentary composition of the canvas, the struggle of light and shadow, the expressive texture gives a feeling of a changeable environment, complete dynamics and pulsation of life. The canvas was presented by the author to his friend and benefactor n. AT. Meshcheryin.

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