Family portrait


The artist is Konchalovsky

The artist’s wife, Olga Vasilievna Konchalovskaya (nee Surikova, 1878–1958), daughter Natalya Petrovna (1903-188) – writer – and son Mikhail Petrovich (1906–2000) – artist are depicted.

The portrait was written shortly after the artist returned from a trip to Spain, which had a huge impact on the formation of the Konchalovsky-living signal. The artist himself wrote about how the Spanish impressions were embodied in this portrait: “For me, Spain is some kind of black and white poem all the time while I lived in Spain, I was haunted by the idea of ​​mastering the art of a simplified synthetic color. I solved the same problem in the portrait of my wife and children in 1911. Two colors dominate it: black and white. No matter how much they are given in the portrait of red and green, they play a strictly subordinate role, their business is only to emphasize the sonority of the two main notes of the portrait. The Chinese picture introduced into the background serves as an accompaniment to these main tones ". At the same time, the closest source of the primitivist grotesque, tangible in this work, is a fair photograph, so beloved by the masters of the “Diamond Valet”. (E. B.).

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 146.

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