The artist is Kandinsky

For Vasily Kandinsky 1916-1917 – the time of internal split testifying to the state of the crisis. The artist creates indescribable works full of mental confusion and anxiety. In the works of 1917, the magic of color disappears – the former “choir of colors” cannot express the “vague” experiences of the author.

The work belongs to the mature period of the artist’s work and was written in Moscow, where Kandinsky lived after returning from Germany at the beginning of the First World War. The name of the canvas is designed to emphasize the immense breadth of the world of associations, images, sensations born in the process of creativity. The content of the picture is "release" the energy of movement, color, lines from the field of reasonable, conscious, search in the field of subconscious, intuitive. The artist wrote: "These internal maturations cannot be observed: they are mysterious and depend on hidden reasons".

“Twilight” is no longer abstract “composition” or “improvisation”. WHILES OF Paints, the burning of the picturesque "matter" here are an expression of mental stress, gloomy forebodings. Tragic notes are heard in the interweaving of torn black lines that form the frame of the composition. The turbulent, seething dark background is like a sea storm, with strong waves that absorb and unexpectedly throwing out the fragments of once beautiful life forms. Their clash and concentration in the center of the picture, color expression create a feeling of symphonic sound in its entirety, strength and power. Not immediately read, the images of the ship and fish, the artist loved by the artist, in this context become symbols of sacrifice and homelessness, the artist’s loneliness in the surrounding reality.

The painter represents the direction "abstract expressionism", In many ways, the opposite of the other line of indescribable art is geometric (to.With. Malevich, p. Mondrian).

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