The artist is Kustodiev

Kustodiev opened painting the theme of the province – the keeper of the traditions of national culture. In his canvases, large and small cities of Russian „The hinterlands “are fascinating for the eye with a cheerful mixture of architectural styles, old and new in everyday life and clothes, the love of their inhabitants to bright and sonorous colors. Painting „Kupchikha “solved as a portrait-frail. The artist is, as it were „demonstrates “Beauty – her burly figure is placed in the center of the canvas, close to the first plan, subjugating the landscape. The appearance of the heroine is close to the folk ideal of beauty. This is a puffy married young woman. It is shown in a characteristic environment, against the background of the street, ledges descending to the river, colorful signs and brisk fruit trading. The clerk peering out of the shop either calls the merchants to make purchases, or invites the viewer to admire it, with great dignity of his stately figure in a closed elegant dress. Strict and closed, with a healthy blush on her cheeks and a lot of brown eyes lowered to the Dol, she is unusually sweet and attractive.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 305.

Kustodiev, since the beginning of the century, known for the thin psychological portraits, in the mid-1910s created a number of portraits-panel, difficult to combine individual and typized, irony and frank admiration by heroes. For the most part it was merchants. DORDEN, RUSIAN, smooth in movements, proud, they embodied the folk ideal of beauty and health. Their environment was the world of the Russian province with its characteristic interference of the old and new in everyday life, clothes, with love for bright and sonorous colors, for rampant fun, for noisy fairs, to festivities in Shrovetide. This life, integral and self -sufficient, largely limited, was seen by the inquisitive eyes of a slightly mocking and witty narrator. (AT. To.).

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 125.

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