The artist is Shishkin

The large -format canvas "Winter" (1890) belongs to the best images of this time of the year in Russian art. Not often domestic artists in their work turned to such motives, they did not always manage to achieve the naturalness and monumentality of the winter landscape. A restrained, almost monochrome flavor close to the photo is the fixation of the nuances of a dormant forest under a layer of snow of the forest to listen to the crackling frost and believe in the peculiar poetry of these harsh places. Sergey Krivondenchenkov. Collection of Shishkin painting in the Russian Museum // Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. 1832–1898. Pictures, drawings and watercolors, engravings from the funds of the Russian Museum. SPb, 2020. With. nine.

At the turn of 1880-1890-X, Shishkin turned to a relatively rare topic of the winter numbness of nature, setting in the picture a difficult task of transmitting slightly noticeable reflexes in almost monochrome painting. Everything is constrained by frost and immersed in the shadow. In the depths of the ray of the sun illuminated the clearing, slightly painting it in a pinkish tone. From this, the snow seems even pigeier. Only powerful trunks of huge trees darkening against his background and a bird on a branch brings a feeling of life. The author uses the expressiveness of linear rhythms, silhouettes, achieves architectonic compositional construction, creating a monumental collective image. The picture is full of epic sound. The artist made several options for the picture and many drawings that he studied right in the forest. The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 215.

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