The artist is a grabar

Grabar – master of still life, landscape, portrait. Along with Konstantin Korovin, he was the most vivid representative of Russian impressionism. But, unlike Korovin, in search of original picturesque techniques, he turned to divisionism, that is, the technique of pure separate smear. In mastering this technique, a lot prompted him training in studio A. Ashbe in Munich, who stubbornly recommended that his students not mix paints on the palette, but lay them separately on canvas and explained the essence of this method in terms of optical perception of paint. Dolphinium is one of the many works of the artist performed during his passion for divisionism. The motive selected for the picture is original – in the garden on the table against the background of birches a bouquet of dolphiniums is depicted, as well as flowers in two small vases. The fusion of a still lifespore motive with the landscape gave the artist the opportunity to solve the most difficult coloristic tasks that led to the disclosure of his perception of the beauty of the material world.

Endowed with a thin sense of color, the grabar carefully traces the rich gamut of interpenetrating reflexes. Everything depicted on the canvas is, as it were, woven from numerous bluish and greenish shades, creating a feeling of an abundance of light, sun, air. Major chord sounds in a soft air -fingered environment bouquet on the table. The artist writes textured, separate strokes, which in their aggregate give a living game of forms, as well as color shadows and light. And the picture acquires a kind of luminosity. The composition of the composition is based on the principle of fragmentation, which is characteristic of the artist, which further enhances the feeling of immediacy of the captured moment. Grabar created an exciting image in the picture. Freshness, joy, vigor, summer fragrance blows from this work.

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