Self -portrait and portrait p. P. Konchalovsky


The artist is Mashkov

The picture belongs to the early period of the history of the Russian avant -garde. It was first exhibited at a Moscow exhibition with the shocking name "Diamier Valet", arranged by young innovators led by M. F. Larionov in the winter of 1910-1911. Mashkov was one of the rebels, for the sake of “healing” the painting of the phenomena previously alienated from the sphere of high art – sign, tray, stucco and carved toys with their naive character and color saturation, to the aesthetics of the booth and areal action. His unusual picture with its huge sizes and hypertrophied forms, circled by a dark contour, depicting the musical “Hercules” surrounded by weights, dumbbells and books – Bible, monographs about Giotto and Cezanne, idols of young artists, about the antiquities of Egypt, Greece and Italy – was perceived As a manifesto of a new direction, directed to his rude and strong, workshop in those days, with the hypnotizing views of the characters, teased with young insolence and encouraged to consider, to think, to understanding. (AT. To.). Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 148.

Konchalovsky Peter Petrovich (1876, Slavyansk of the Kharkov province – 1956, Moscow) – painter, graphic artist; Theater artist. Studied at the RS m. D. Raevskaya-Ivanova in Kharkov; to Tssutra; at the Academy of the river. Julien at the g.-P. Laurence, w.-AND. Benjamen-Conderman in Paris (1896–1898), at VKU at the IAX (1898–1905). Exhibition participant since 1907. Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 397.

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