Portrait e. X. Mokeeva


The artist is Bugaevsky -hubby

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The state of safety before restoration:

The narrow dilapidated edges of the author’s canvas led to the weakening of the tension of the picture and vast deformations over the entire surface. Tough breaks on the prints of the subframe planks appeared around the perimeter. The canvas was heavily broken by a craquelure with raised edges, a colorful layer was divided. On the entire surface there were sections of hollow seduction, along the tops of which point bastards of a colorful layer appeared. At the edges, on the bends there were minor losses of a colorful layer, numerous point bubbles along the tops of Krakelura, scuffs of a colorful layer.

On the ends from both sides to the subframe, a canvas with author’s painting was bent, which changed the author’s size and the author’s composition. Author’s painting bent on the edges had a significant number of losses. Studies of the visible luminescence of the surface in UV rays showed the presence of late multiple recordings lying both on the varnish film and between the varnish layers. The varnish coating was very yellow, completely changing the author’s coloring of the picture.

Complex of the events:

A complete strengthening of the surface of the colorful layer with the elimination of deformations and fractures and laying craquelure was carried out. The edges with painting are unbent to the front side, the author’s size and composition are restored. Restoration edges are brought down on the perimeter of the author’s canvas on the back, the picture is stretched on a new subframe of the corresponding clarified size. Late records and a thick layer of yellowed varnish are removed from the front side, which allowed the picture to return the author’s flavor and tonal solution. Restoration soil is brought to the loss of the loss. Restoration tints are made. The surface is covered with a protective layer of restoration varnish.

Keeping a story. Restoration workshop of the Russian Museum – 100 years. SPb, 2022. With. 100-101.

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