Portrait of Archbishop Mikhail (m. M. Desnitsky)


The artist is Borovikovsky

Archbishop Mikhail (Desnitsky Matvey Mikhailovich; 1761–1821) – a spiritual figure, a well -known preacher, Freemason. He graduated from a philological seminary with a friendly society h h. And. HOVIKOVA. Since 1785 he was appointed priest of the Church of St. John the Warrior in Moscow. Since December 1796-court presbyter in Gatchina, law teacher of the 1st Cadet Corps. Since 1799 – Archimandrite of the Yuryevsky Monastery near Hovgorod. In 1802 he was appointed Vicar Hovgorodsky. Since 1803 – Bishop, and from 1806 – Archbishop of Chernigov and Hyozhinsky. 1813 – present member in the Synod. Since March 26, 1818-Metropolitan of St. Petersburg, and from July 25, 1818-Metropolitan Hovgorodsky.

It is depicted in a black hood and a black mantle, with a panagia on the neck and orders of St. Anna of the 1st degree (tape and cross on the neck) and St. John of Jerusalem (the Maltese cross on the neck, sewn cross on the mantle).

Portrait Gallery of the Russian Museum. Persons of Russia. SPb. 2012. With. 113.

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