Portrait m. F. Larionova and his platoon


The artist is Goncharova

In the spring of 1911, Mikhail Larionov was in military service near Moscow. The impressions of army life were reflected not only in his own work, but also in the work of Goncharova. “Portrait of Larionov and his platoon” echoes the so -called soldier’s series of Larionov and at the same time conveys all the features of the mature creative manner of Goncharova: the desire for expression and monumentality, the acuteness of picturesque perception, emphasized in this canvas by the contrast of gross male figures and delicate flowering branch. At the same time, the picture has a peculiar effect of ancient cultures, which the artist directly declared, in particular ancient Egyptian plasticity, distinguishable in the weighted staticness of two specialized figures, in a kind of frieze of the “pyramids” on the far plane. (E. B.).

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 153.

Larionov Mikhail Fedorovich (1881, Tiraspol of the Bessarabian province-1964, Fontaine-O-Roz, France)-painter, graphic artist; Book illustrator, theater artist. He studied at Mucvz (1898–1910, with interruptions). Exhibition participant since 1898. One of the leading artists of the entreprise with. P. Diaghilev, at the invitation of which in 1915 he left with N. With. Goncharova to Switzerland, then to Italy. Since 1919 he constantly lived in Paris.

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 397.

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