Portrait n. And. Perovsky, Theodosia mayor (until 1825), then counted by the College of Foreign Affairs


The artist is Kiprensky

Initially, the portrait belonged to the face depicted on it – n. And. Perovsky, in the future – to his heirs and was considered the work of Cyprus. Later, the portrait was sold to the meeting of Tereshchenko, from which in 1918 he entered the Russian Museum as a portrait of Nikolai Ivanovich Perovsky. In 1936, during the preparation of the exhibition of the works of Kiprensky, the character was renamed Alexei Alekseevich Perovsky; In 1958, the initial definition was returned to the portrait.

In the cat. 1980 – Kiprensky about. AND. Portrait n. And. Perovsky. Between 1824 and 1828.

As a result of stylistic and technological research conducted in the timing in the early 1980s, the portrait was excluded from the number of Cyprussky’s works, defined as the work of an unknown artist of the first half of the 19th century and (based on the hairstyle, costume and age depicted) dated 1830 (Kat. Kiprensky 1988. No. 92).

Perovsky Nikolai Ivanovich (1785–1858) – illegitimate son of Count a. To. Razumovsky. In 1799 he served in the College of Foreign Affairs at the Constantinople mission; in 1801–1803 – in Vienna and Dresden. In 1805 he was part of the Embassy of Count Yu. AND. Golovkina directed to China, but further Urgi did not follow. In 1817–1823-a Tauride vice-governor and governor; since 1820 – at the same time the mayor of Feodosia. In 1824 he resigned, lived in his estate Kilburun near Simferopol.

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