Portrait of Count s. G. Stroganova


The artist is Makovsky

The prevailing place in the work to. E. Makovsky occupied a secular portrait and canvases on the topics of the boyar life of pre -Petrine Rus’, which were distinguished by a colorful entertainment. At one time, he was one of the most fashionable and highly paid portraits.

Sergey Grigoryevich Stroganov (1794-1882)-eldest son of Baron Grigory Alexandrovich Stroganov (1770-1857) and Baroness Anna Sergeevna (1765-1824), nee princess Trubetskoy. Also, Pavel Aleksandrovich Stroganov, on whose eldest daughter, Natalya Pavlovna Stroganova (1796-1872), was married since 1818. Sergey inherited the count’s title of his uncle and. Statesman, archaeologist, philanthropist, collector, Moscow mayor, founder of the Stroganov school.

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