After the harvest (in the estate A.R.Tomilova “Assumption” under the old Ladoga)


The artist is Zabolotsky

In the village of a solemn event was the end of the harvest – rose. Unrestrained fun reigned in the village these days. For everyone who worked in the field, they prepared treats and sang majestic songs. From the last ears of the reap made a sheaf and decorated it with ribbons. The most beautiful and elegant girl brought him to the village. The crop celebration was exceptional colorful and was accompanied by rituals that provide a future crop. Game and passion in Russian fine art. SPb, 1999. With. 112.

Alexey Romanovich Tomilov – a famous expert and connoisseur of art, collector, one of the founders of the OPX. On his estate, painters, sculptors, and teachers of IAh often visited his estate. Zabolotsky also visited the guest of Tomilov and captured in his work the scene of the peasant holiday, whose witness he was. Folk holidays associated with the calendar circle of agricultural work retained the rudiments of ancient magic rites designed to increase the fertility of the Earth, until the 19th century. Game and passion. SPb, 1999. With. 112.

Tomilov Alexey Romanovich (1779–1848) – artillery education officer, collector and art lover, collected a large collection of works of Russian and Western European painting and graphics. Syn engineer-General-Russian and Senator Roman Nikiforovich Tomilov (1741–1796) and Ekaterina Petrovna Tomilova, birth. Shamsheva. At birth, the horse regiment was recorded in the Life Guards. In 1791, he was transferred from the guard with the rank of engineer-captain as an adjutant to his father. In 1799 – commander of serfs in Kronstadt. He left military service in 1808, but in 1812 he joined the colonel in the ranks of the St. Petersburg militia, and Polotsk was seriously injured in the capture of Polotsk. At the end of the war, he devoted himself to elegant arts, his house became the place where artists, literature figures and musicians gathered. He became one of the founders and a permanent member of the Committee of the Society for the Promotion of Artists (since 1820), as well as the Honorary Free Commercial Music (1833).

Manor "Assumption", whose name is associated with the Nearby Assumption Monastery, was built in the 1780s. General-General Roman Nikiforovich Tomilov, a well-known military topographer. His son Alexei in 1816-1817. rebuilt the estate on his own project, attaching a stone wing to the wooden house (it is called "Schwartz’s house"). In the outbuilding a. R. Tomilov kept his richest collection of painting and graphics, including the largest collection of drawings and etchings of Rembrandt in Russia.

Being the largest landowner of the Ladoga, skillfully economy, Tomilov spent most of his income on the acquisition of works of art. His St. Petersburg house and the estate of Uspenskoye on the shores of Volkhov were widely known to people of cultures and art of that time. Over time, the Assumption estate became, in the words of artists, a kind of “Tomilovskaya Mecca”, the place where they could come and always meet the most warm welcome could get acquainted with the art assembly and work in the library richest.

In different years, he had artists in.L. Borovikovsky, a.G. Varnek, a.G. Venetians, a.N. Voronikhin, a.E. Egorov, and.AND. Ivanov, about.AND. Kiprensky, l.F. Lagorio, a.O. Orlovsky, a.AND. Popov, c.AND. Tropinin, a.F. Chernyshev, c.And. Sternberg and others. For artists, Alexei Romanovich Tomilov was both the patron saint of the Medicalizer and the real friend-mentor. Fatherly, he took care of young artists (Ivan Aivazovsky, Peter Zabolotsky, Lev Lagorio, Alexey Chernyshev and others).

In the 1830s, the summer months in Uspensky was held by a novice artist Ivan Aivazovsky, creating several of his works here.

In the painting "Departure" (1850), one of the most interesting works a.F. Chernysheva, the events that unfolded in Uspensky are captured: in the courtyard of the estate there is a farewell of the family with a son-officer who is leaving for the capital.

Thanks to the support of Tomilov, the son of the impoverished Tikhvin tradesman Peter Zabolotsky became a freedom of the Academy of Arts. The artist devoted many works to Assumption, his inhabitants, for example: “Type of old Ladoga” (1833), “On the estate A. R. Tomilova ”(1822); “After the harvest” (1822); "The living room A. R. Tomilova "(1833) and others.

Read more about the history of the estate see. On Wikipedia.

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